Time Management

by Shayla on Wednesday June 5, 2013

Time wasters are a common complaint amongst homeowners who sell their own properties. Here’s why real estate sales representatives are a seller best line of defense against tire kickers and unqualified buyers.

-A FSBO (For Sale By Owner) seller has to field every phone call personally and even deal with would-be buyers showing up at their door unannounced. When you have representation, you have a buffer between you and prospective buyers, someone to filter all those initial inquiries that lead nowhere and bring you only those that have potential to become a sale.

-Your real estate representative pre-screens buyers to insure that in addition to being interested in your home, they can actually afford to but it. By finding out whether buyers have their own homes to sell and have obtained pre-approval for mortgage financing, your rep weeds out unqualified buyers, allowing you to focus on those buyers who are able, not merely willing.

-By marketing your home through Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your rep exposes it to a network of other real estate professionals who are looking for properties to present to their clients - clients they’ve ensured are serious, qualified buyers. This is one more way in which having a representative means sellers are exposed to fewer time wasters and more promising prospects.

-FSBO sellers have to host their own open houses and showings - which tend to bring out nosy neighbours and lookie-loos. As a seller with representation, you don’t have to deal with time wasters at open houses or handle buyers’ questions at showings - that’s your rep’s job. You don’t even have to be there. In fact, it’s better if you’re not.

Published in Realty Report
Volume 9, Issue 6

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Shayla Ackerman Regina Realtor