My first week *Recap*

by Shayla on Tuesday January 29, 2013

Today marks one week of being in the industry! It has been quite the whirlwind but at the same time I could not have asked for a better experience. I have worked my whole life in customer service type industries and I can say with confidence I have never entered one so welcoming! Although each person (essentially) works for themselves the amount of support with a smile has been tremendous.

I have been very lucky to enter in to a brokerage where each individual is more than happy to help. Each day I seem to have someone sit down, chat with me and give me advice.

This past week I have been able to throw myself fully into the business without holding back. From the basics of creating my website and Facebook page (which hit 200 “likes” in 24 hours!!) down to finding my first buyer and obtaining my first listing! Life is good and I cannot wait to continue my journey to bigger and better!

...Back to my blog.

Shayla Ackerman Regina Realtor