I am so happy to share something I just received...

by Shayla on Tuesday May 28, 2013

Some people go out of their way to make others feel good. (Thank you Jason) ....

I recently listed my condo privately for sale by owner. Shortly after listing I received a call from Shayla Fitch, she is a realtor and was asking if I would be interested in working with her and her client. She explained that she would be asking for an agreed-upon fee(in the event of a sale) if I was interested. If not she politely wished me the best.

She seemed very serious her client would like the condo and I got the impression it was "the one" her client was looking for. This showed me she listened to her client and understood her clients needs and presented it to me with a "no pressure" but confident approach.

We talked a little more and agreed-upon a fee and Shayla subsequently showed the condo to her client. Within hours of showing the condo to her client the client made an offer. The offer was very reasonable and it was too close to my bottom dollar to even counter. I accepted. This showed me that she knows the market, she also knows what her client was looking for. Shayla also knew what the best offer would be for her client as the one made was perfect. She did not know I would not have gone a dime lower but I would've gone higher. However it was so close to what I needed that I could not risk losing he deal by not accepting the offer. Thus getting her client the absolute best deal for the unit. Shayla also portrayed loyalty to her client as I questioned if they would be willing to pay more. Shayla calmly stated that she was representing her client and would not answer such a question and instead offered me time to think it over.

Shayla then expertly presented the documents to me for signing. I inquired on a few legalities which I already known. Shayla answered them correctly and in plain English so I knew she understood them. One thing Shayla did not know was that I have 10 years experience in the mortgage industry, both legal and financially. She had impressed me with her knowledge of the market, the legal documents and the process of selling and purchasing a home. I was absolutely stunned when she said she's only been in the business for a few months.

The clear knowledge she had of her client, the respect she so showed me as a seller and her knowledge of the legal issues on industry itself. Shayla is very valuable asset to her company, her clients and I would recommend Shayla in the future to anyone I know.

Thank You
Jason Dressler

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Shayla Ackerman Regina Realtor