Home Evaluation - My Personal Experience

by Shayla on Saturday June 1, 2013

Recently I had the privilege of doing a home evaluation for a woman (Lets call her Doreen) who lives near my area. She kindly invited me in to her house, showed me through all while telling me the most fascinating stories. Home evaluations (to me) are a perk to the career of real estate agents. I find that the majority of evaluations I have done tend to be with the most interesting characters!

Doreen lives in a beautiful house and although I was interested in helping her find an approximate value, her stories behind her furniture and decorations were much more fascinating. There seemed to be a story behind almost everything in the house. Some of the neat things I will “take” from this experience would be;

-My first time seeing and hearing a “player piano.” Doreen had a beautifully kept player piano in her basement and was more than happy to play me a roll. We had a good laugh at how many times she had socialized around the piano pretending they were the professionals. She then admitted (with a smile) she doesn't know the first key to playing. Rolls upon rolls sat on top the piano and I could tell she has enjoyed countless number of hours enjoying the talent. 

-We then walked into a spare room in her basement, it was a room I had expected... an old bedroom turned into more a “hobby” room. As we were walking out she pointed to the wall and said “you know it sure took me a lot of years to collect those” Upon the wall were 4 shelves one above the other in which she had numerous brands of old beer cans. She explained that she not only collected them all herself but she also had made sure she did not have duplicates... each one was a different brand with a different city and story. 

Doreens house was quite the story piece and the two above examples were just a start to the knowledge I gained while visiting. Doreen knew the area and was able to tell me many things dating back to the 60’s about the neighbourhood's development. As I stated before, some may not look at a home evaluation the way I do, but I sure have walked away meeting some pretty neat people with years of information and stories. 

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Shayla Ackerman Regina Realtor