Emotional Quotient

by Shayla on Wednesday May 15, 2013

When selling a home, clear minds and cool hearts would ideally always prevail, but it’s not uncommon for emotions to get the better of home sellers. Below are four emotional mistakes that sellers should avoid making.

Overpricing: The number one reason why otherwise good homes don’t sell (quickly or at all), overpricing is often the result of sellers factoring in sentimental value in addition to fair market value when establishing their asking price, or an ego-driven desire to “beat” the neighbours, who sold their home last month, by fetching more money for your home than they did.

Rejecting advice: Some sellers take offense to and reject their real estate reps advice about making certain changes to their home’s decor, receiving it as criticism if their personal taste. Rest assured, it’s in no way meant as such; rather, these suggestions are intended only to broaden your home’s appeal to more buyers so that it sells faster and for more money.

Rejecting offers: Just as some sellers take offense to their rep’s suggestions, some take offense to offers they feel are too low, and reject them outright in response to the perceived insult. But rejecting offers wont get you any closer to your goal of making a sale- but keeping negotiations open by crafting a counter offer with your real estate sales representative’s help will.

Being at home during showings: Some sellers are reluctant to vacate their homes while showings are taking place, which is perfectly understandable: it’s difficult to surrender control and have strangers roam through your home in your absence. But your presence can hinder buyers and make them feel rushed and uncomfortable - just what you don’t want when trying sell.

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Shayla Ackerman Regina Realtor